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Big Legend

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1h 29min   |   English   |  Horror, Thriller

BIG LEGEND | Official Trailer | Bigfoot Horror Movie | Streaming Free
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In the haunting depths of the Pacific Northwest, Tyler Laird, a relentless ex-soldier, embarks on a heart-pounding quest to uncover the truth behind his fiancée's mysterious disappearance in these very woods. When a colossal, malevolent force cripples his car, Tyler crosses paths with Eli, an enigmatic hunter with secrets that could unveil the mysteries shrouding his beloved's disappearance. United in their fight for survival, they must brave the relentless pursuit of a legendary terror – the awe-inspiring and fearsome Bigfoot. As darkness closes in, Tyler and Eli must confront their deepest fears, forging an unbreakable bond while facing the ultimate creature of myth and terror.

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