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Devil's Whisper

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1h 25min   |   English   |  Horror

Devil's Whisper: A Horror Movie Worth Screaming About | Streaming Free Now
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In the spine-chilling supernatural thriller 'Devil's Whisper,' a devout 15-year-old Latino boy dreams of becoming a Catholic priest, but his fate takes a dark turn when he stumbles upon an enigmatic box that unleashes a malevolent demon. As the sinister spirit threatens to consume him and all he holds dear, he must embark on a harrowing journey to vanquish the malefic force before it claims his soul and shatters the lives of those he loves, forever plunging the world into eternal darkness. Can he find the strength to confront the ultimate evil and safeguard his faith, family, and future? The battle between light and darkness begins in this heart-pounding tale of supernatural terror.

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