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Who is Arthur Chu?

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1h 29min   |   English   |  Documentary

WHO IS ARTHUR CHU? | Official Trailer | Documentary
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In the gripping documentary 'Who is Arthur Chu?', a former Jeopardy! champion's meteoric rise to fame through a revolutionary and contentious gaming approach leads him to confront a far greater challenge: battling malevolent forces in the unforgiving realms of the internet. As Arthur transforms into a compelling blogger and cultural pundit, his unfiltered journey takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions - raw, poignant, and awe-inspiring. Yet, amidst the chaos of online stardom, Arthur comes to a profound realization - to truly effect positive change in the world, he must embark on a deeply personal odyssey of healing and reconciliation with his own family. This captivating tale of triumph, redemption, and self-discovery will leave you questioning the power of one individual's courage in the face of darkness.

Cast: Arthur Chu, Alex Trebek


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