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Alone We Fight

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1h 31min   |   English   |  War, Action

ALONE WE FIGHT | Official Trailer | Action war movie | STREAMING FREE NOW
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As the unstoppable tide of war threatens to crush the Allied line, a courageous and unlikely group of American soldiers embarks on a daring quest deep into enemy territory. Their mission: to defy fate, shatter expectations, and halt the relentless advance of a formidable German unit before it engulfs the world in darkness. This epic tale of camaraderie, sacrifice, and unyielding valor will test the boundaries of heroism as they face not only the relentless enemy but also the demons within themselves. Will this tenacious band rise above the odds and become the beacon of hope that can change the course of history?


​Cast: Aidan Bristow, Matthew James McCarthy, Johnny Messner, Corbin Bernsen, Lara Ducey, Kate Conway 

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